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Escaping his old life, cute young Jake heads North to forget his problems. Finding work as a BellBoy to pay his way, he's under strict instruction not to play with the guests; but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Can he let go of the past and make room for a new love interest before he leaves town forever? From sex, threesome fun and a love that is lost and then found, all on a tour of giant dicks, peachy butts and the uninhibited world of the North West English shore!
Scene One: Welcomed into Cute Jake’s world, we’re given his hot boyfriend getting down and dirty, but with Jake nowhere to be found! Instead, Kayden’s playing with slim Kai whilst Jake’s working late. We can all see why Kayden’s in hot demand, his muscle toned body and giant thick dick flopping out of his pants, Kai just can’t get enough of it in his mouth! Working his sweet youthful lips around the immense girth, Kayden lays back and enjoys this worshipping, it’s exactly what he wants! Eager not to get caught out by Jake, Kayden’s quick to move things along, and it’s soon Kai’s ass that stretching around his dick, sliding all the way in and out, his legs pinned against his smooth chest as Kayden plunges deeper and faster. As he’s flipped on top of him, letting him get harder, Kai jerks himself off all over Kayden’s hard chest, still with that giant dick inside him pumping away. Pulling out quickly, Kayden dumps his own load all over Kai’s perfectly formed ass cheeks, as we see it drip sexily down, showing the curve of his butt.
Scene Two: After catching Kayden in the act, Jake heads up North to work as a BellBoy whilst he clears his head. Under strict instruction not to play with the guests, the guests themselves have other ideas! In his first room, two horny young guys tease and persuade Jake to join in the fun they’re giving him on the bed. Red headed Levi and dark haired Harley aren’t taking no for an answer, and with one final push, they get what they want. As Levi stands over Jake, his big thick dick is stroking his lips, and what’s a boy to do but give in and chow down! Jerking at the sight, Harley is loving this catch, and it’s soon progressing into a spit roasting with the new BellBoy right in the middle, his skinny frame split between Harley’s stiff dick and Levi’s massive meat pounding into his ass. It’s a melee of fit young fuckers, and soon a torrent of spunk is spraying from all angles.
Scene Three: Taken out to sample the delights of his new town, Levi and Harley take him through town and end up in a buzzing bar, crammed to the rafters with hot boys at every table and bar in the place, even the barman is a hot piece of ass! However, the still heartbroken Jake isn’t sure what he wants, but eyes lock across the way and Tom returns the gaze. Dark haired, well spoken, and with puppy eyes, who wouldn’t fall a little bit? Tom’s about to leave with Jake, but his mate pulls him close for more than a goodbye kiss, and Jake catches this and leaves. Heading back to his place, Tom and his horny mate Kyle make the most of their en state and are stripping each other as they fall to the bed. Tom’s juicy dick being sucked deep by his skinny fuck buddy, with no complaints! Our own giant dicked Kyle is soon given the same treatment, but he’s in the mood for ass, and Tom is totally up for it, it’s a huge one after all! Pumping him full over and over, Kyle is soon dumping his load over Tom, having gotten exactly what he wanted for that evening!
Scene Four: Waking up on the seafront after getting lost, Jake wanders back to the hotel and gets a real bollocking. He’s straight into his shift and finds another room wit an eager guest wanting some fun. Still feeling hungover and unable to take more trouble, Jake quickly leaves, giving us a hot solo from Robbie Turner, soaping himself up in the shower. Showing us his slim, smooth body, his handsome young face thrown back in pleasure as he plays with his stiff dick, everyone need

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